We guarantee as an experienced artist, beginner or even non-painter you will not be disappointed. Commencing in October 2019 the course includes:

  • Upon our arrival in Delhi we will be staying in a local airport hotel for one night. Dinner and breakfast are included with your stay.
  • Travel up the following morning to the Corbett Wildlife Reserve in Uttarakhand to the jungle where we will get the chance to see tigers, leopards, jackals, sloths and elephants, a wealth of spectacular birds and, along the rivers and lakeshores, crocodile and other reptile species. Fantastic opportunities to see and paint wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • The painting trip is led by incredible Liz Chaderton. An inspiring, motivational artist and tutor.
  • Head into the mountains to see the breathtaking Himalayas, painting, photographing and birdwatching.

  • The trip is fully escorted by experienced local guides as well as dedicated hosts.
  • Painting course tutored by accomplished tutors and is ideal whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist.
  • Quality accommodation with full board.
  • Non painting partners welcome.
  • Total cost for the entire 11 night trip (including the extra 3-night option to trek and see the Himalayas) is £3674 per person painting (40% discount for non-painters sharing a room).(Flights not included but Emerald Travel – our official travel partner, help book these on your behalf.)

To book click here or for more information visit our main site www.paintingineurope.com/india-october-2019.php